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The Outdoor Art Club is a private, nonprofit women's organization which was formed in 1902. Our mission is "To preserve the natural scenery of Mill Valley and the surrounding country, to beautify the grounds around public buildings, to work against the wanton destruction of birds and game, to encourage the development of outdoor art and to engage in other civic, literary and charitable work."
The clubhouse is available for rental by the public. See Rental page.


Literary Section - 10,000 Degrees

Thursday, September 17 - 1:00 p.m.

Free and Open to the Public
10,000 Degrees - a nationally recognized nonprofit, has been helping underserved students get into and through college at unprecedented rates since 1981.

Come be inspired by organization President Kim Mazzuca’s stories about 10,000 Degrees. Originally called Marin Education Fund, the organization has served as the scholarship arm of the Marin Community Foundation. In 2000, Marin Education Fund made a transformational change and launched a comprehensive college access and success program focused solely on students from low-income households. In 2010, the organization changed its name to 10,000 Degrees to better reflect its mission and promise to its communities.
Now more than 4,200 students and families benefit annually from a full-service college opportunity model including early college awareness programs, intensive college prep, college and financial aid counseling, mentoring, college tours, scholarships and financial aid management. Our financial aid support enables students to access $18 million per year in grants and aid. As a result, a 10,000 Degrees student borrows only about $1,000/year versus the national rate of $6,000 per year.


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