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The Outdoor Art Club is a private, nonprofit women's organization which was formed in 1902. Our mission is "To preserve the natural scenery of Mill Valley and the surrounding country, to beautify the grounds around public buildings, to work against the wanton destruction of birds and game, to encourage the development of outdoor art and to engage in other civic, literary and charitable work."
The clubhouse is available for rental by the public. See Rental page.


Memorial Day, Monday, May 29
9:45 am Join us before the Parade

The Public is invited to the rededication of the plaque honoring Lytton Barber

A plaque in honor of Lytton Barber, Mill Valley’s first World War I casualty, will be rededicated on Memorial Day, Monday, May 29, 2017 at 9:45am at the flagpole in Lytton Square, downtown Mill Valley, just before the Mill Valley Memorial Day Parade begins. The plaque was restored by the Outdoor Art Club in keeping with its mission of beautifying Mill Valley. Jessica Jackson, the mayor of Mill Valley, and Maria Hilakos Hanke, president of the OAC will make brief remarks as the plaque is rededicated and the flag is raised. Please join us to honor our home-town-hero, Lytton Barber.


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