Public Events

The Outdoor Art Club has many public events throughout the year. It is a perfect time to visit and learn more about who we are and what we do. Our popular Garden Tour returns on April 27, 2017.


Thursday, February 2 - 1pm
Making a Sweeter Home for
Bay Area Bees

Worried about bee colony collapse? Wondering how we can nurture the nature of honey producing bees in our own Bay Area?

Join Robert MacKimmie at the Outdoor Art Club on Thursday, February 2 at 1pm and learn how beekeepers are doing their ecological duty by aiding the workings of nature. “Without assisting the bees,” he says, “the blooming of the flowers and trees would be like musicians dressing up for the symphony, only to find no audience.”
MacKimmie’s City Bees Honey marries best practices for bees with harvesting in distinct San Francisco Bay Area microclimates. Fact: the nectar of the blossoms in the Mission greatly contrasts with the wildly spicy honey made near Candlestick Park!
Come discover the importance of honeybees, pollination and the protocols of bee etiquette. Find out what makes bees thrive and Bay Area honey a sustainable, eclectic world of sweet possibilities. Tell a friend and bring a friend to this Free Public Event. Light refreshments will be served.


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