Fine Art Gala and Benefit

Friday & Saturday Evenings
February 5th and 6th 4:00 - 8:00 PM
Open to the Public

Eight talented local artists have been selected for The Outdoor Art Club's
4th Marin Masters. This exciting multi-media event will be held
in the most magical gallery in Mill Valley, our historic Bernard Maybeck clubhouse.
Art forms include paintings, ceramics, photography, art jewelry, printmaking, and woodworking.

Mountain Play Association Benefit

The Mountain Play has just celebrated a century of marvelous musical theater on Mt. Tamalpais. The Mountain Play Association produces enriching
theatrical experiences that stimulate creativity, engage our community, and foster a lifelong enjoyment of the performing arts.

To help them "go on with the show," there will be a suggested \$20 donation.

Enjoy the diverse art, delicious wine and appetizers, and a special appearance of Mountain Play singers.
And don’t forget to take home a beautiful work of art!


Main Masters 2016 Artists’ Gallery


Alexis Berger


Alexis Berger makes beautiful crafted translucent beads with finishes reminiscent of Art Nouveau and the Belle Epoch. Her hand-blown glass lamps, jewelry and headdresses are imbued with light, color and unique design. A Marin native, Alexis graduated from San Francisco School of the Arts and Rhode Island School of Design. Her jewelry has been featured in American Craft Council's Craft Magazine, as well as many juried exhibitions, galleries and high-end retail outlets.


Timothy Horn


Tim Horn, a former graphic designer, found his calling early in his graphic design career. Within a year of his first painting class, he closed his thriving design business and began painting full time. Tim is drawn to the everyday scenes of rural areas in Marin and Sonoma counties: the old buildings that have evaded development, the workings of ranch life, old cars and trucks, and the play of light and shadow across planes of weathered color. Tim's paintings have won numerous awards and his work has been featured in many publications, including the cover of Southwest Art Magazine. He is current represented by four galleries around the Bay area.


Larry Colvin


Larry Colvin didn't realize his natural gift for working with clay until later in life. Raised on the Peninsula, Larry moved to Mill Valley in 1976, enjoying a career remodeling Victorians and building spec homes. From 1981-1996, Larry worked on the Pacific Stock Exchange floor as an Options Trader. Currently, when not throwing pots, Larry is a real estate developer, building multi-family units in Sonoma County. In fact, Larry relates his love of building to his love of creating strong, structural elements in his impressive vases. Although inspired by Greco-Roman, African, and Etruscan vases, Larry's work exhibits subtle Asian influences. His use of texture and tertiary color also inspires a modern sensibility and elegance.


Judith Klausenstock


Judith Klausenstock is nationally known for her exquisite watercolors, which display a masterful use of space, color and composition. She exhibits extensively throughout the country and her works can be found in both private and public collections. Judith is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society, the California Watercolor Association, and the Marin Society of Artists - testimony to a level of professionalism acknowledged by the best in the field. She holds a BA in Art from Massachusetts School of Art and Harvard University, and her work has been featured in many outstanding art publications including Best of Watercolor Arts Magazine.


Michael Gothelf


Michael Gothelf has been working with wood his entire life. As a young boy in Brooklyn, Michael spent all his free time in the woodshop, even receiving a special award for his fine craftsmanship. In his late twenties, his love of wood led to work in specialized Victorian renovation. During and after his long career as a physician with Kaiser-Permanente, Michael continues to devote his time to fine woodwork, concentrating on bowls and decorative containers. Most of his material is local hardwood from Marin and Sonoma counties, supplemented with woods from selective Bay area lumber yards. Michael is a member of the Wine Country Woodturners and The American Association of Woodturners.


Jack Moser


Jack Moser is a thirty-year-old artist, musician, surfer and photographer. His love of surfing and his extensive travels have ignited a passion for photography, especially black and white photography. A Mill Valley native, Jack studied photography at an early age. He says coming from a long line of fine artists helps to keep him inspired. Jack's photographs remind viewers what it's like to be young and experiencing life with a fresh and talented eye.


Zachary Gilmour


Zachary Gilmour credits both parents and grandparents for his early interest in art and his eventual love of printmaking. A Mill Valley native, Zachary attended the San Francisco Art Institute and received his BFA from California College of Arts and Crafts. In an effort to combine his passion for art with a steady income, Zachary received his teaching credential in art from Sonoma State University. He is currently teaching at Tamalpais High School.
Zachary's Monoprints and Monotypes describe the beauty of a moment in time using translucent color fields and simple abstract imagery. His prints are an attempt to re-describe a personal and collective memory by the buildup of many layers of transparent color and form.


Suzie Buchholz

Abstract Oil

Suzie Buchholz is a San Francisco Bay Area painter, sculptor and installation artist. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe. Suzie studied painting at Atelier du Soleil in Aix-en-Provence and received her BFA from The San Francisco Art Institute. She has served on the Board of Directors at the Di Rosa Preserve and is currently a member of the Public Art Advisory Group of the Sausalito Art Commission.
Suzie's work is greatly influenced by Abstract Impressionism. Her process is very physical, scraping away, building and scribbling to create a textured surface that somehow conveys an idea, a mood or emotion that is deeply human.


Past Marin Masters

Photo Gallery